About the Film


We thought we lived in a democracy, until we tried to vote. Thousands of voter registrations mysteriously changed, hundreds of malfunctioning voter machines, hundreds of polling stations closed resulting in long lines. We know the game is rigged, the question is, what are we going to do about it?

Questions We Will Attempt to Answer

1. How do we protect our right to vote?

2. How do we create a more transparent/accountable election system?

3. How do we break free from the two party system?

4. What can people do on a local level to keep the Revolution going?

Election Fraud Examples

1. Changing voter’s party affiliation to make them ineligible to vote.

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2. Closing of polling stations resulting in long lines.

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3. Malfunctioning voting machines.

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Get Involved

The more people that get involved, to help spread the word, donate, contribute their stories and their evidence, the more eyes will be opened, and the better our chances of changing the face of American politics.

Making a film is very expensive! From basic production costs, legal fees, securing the rights to film clips and music, it all adds up quickly. We need your help! Please contribute $5, $10, whatever you can to ensure this film gets made and gets seen. All contributors will receive a screen credit in the film. Contributions of $25 or more will receive a free download of the film when it’s released.